Forecasting psoriasis like we forecast the weather

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This non-profit research study is based on many people like you measuring your skin and joints with a smartphone and openly sharing this anonymized data with the research community

Predicting treatment response, psoriatic arthritis risk, and flares

In the Psorcast Research Study, we hope to forecast which drugs might work best for certain people, who is at greatest risk of developing psoriatic arthritis, and flare/remission cycles.

Contribute to research while making your own Psorcast movies

Each weekly Psorcast measure makes an image, and we’ll combine them into movies of how your symptoms change over time for you to use however you’d like.

Try the measurements before joining the study

You can download the app and try out all the digital measurements, particularly if you are a researcher who may want to use Psorcast measurements for your own research.

How will I measure my symptoms with my phone?

Psoriasis Draw

Digital Jar Open

Painful Joint Count

Psoriasis Area Photo

30-Second Walk

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